Foster Friday

At the Tackett Team, we have always had both a love for animals and a strong desire to give back to the community.  The result of that passion has been the creation of 'Foster Friday' in conjunction with Foothills Animal Rescue here in Scottsdale.  The inspiration for Foster Friday actually comes from Anthony Knight, an agent friend of mine in Las Vegas, who has a rescue dog he loves so he decided to start posting photos of other rescues on his social media page on Fridays and called it 'Foster Friday’.  I was at a private event where he was speaking and he talked about how he started it and the impact it had had and he encouraged all of us to copy his idea and do it in our home towns.  I had been dating my wife at that point for a few years and was in love with both of her dogs one of which, Alvin, was a rescue.  I immediately thought to myself that this was something I absolutely loved and could get behind, but figured I could elevate the idea by not only doing photography, but video too. Video to me always conveys better and it would have more impact if people could see how the animals interact with us so that their personalities can come out. We have now been doing it for years and our efforts have been responsible for a ton of adoptions and many happy people thanking us for helping them connect to their pets.  We would encourage any of you thinking about getting a pet to go the rescue route vs using a breeder as Foothills is one of the lucky shelters with a fantastic facility and a fairly low number of animals. We also wanted to encourage viewers to not adopt from only Foothills Animal Shelter as there are tons of shelters out there with animals in need, with not nearly as nice of amenities, that could use our help.

Let's Work Together

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